I lied about doing things last month, but THIS month I have been doing things.
I added new art to the main 4 galleries.



My life has been pretty hectic recently.
I don’t know if I still get visitors to this blog or not, but regardless I plan on keeping it around for myself and to use it for archival purposes.

My plans for the upcoming month of January are;
♦Work on my backlog of commissions/gifts and other art
♦Update this blog’s galleries with new and old content to make it feel less empty and abandoned.
♦Create a schedule to maximize drawing so I don’t get caught in art block or art depression and go months without doing anything.

hopefully I can be more efficient in 2015


Added and updated the galleries;

*Laur gallery
*NSFW Doodles

this weekend i’m going to go thru my old files and cherry pick the ones I want in the Old*galleries. I know there are a few pics I’d like to keep out, but I’ll shoot for 95% pre-explosion integrity.



I swear i’ll actually update and organize and upload and rejigger this site.
I’m just so lazy.



Oh boy

Been tinkering around on here to try to get everything back to normal for my little archive in the corner of the internet and…
my gallery plugin went through a multitude of changes since I last used it. It’s become so difficult to use. Nearly impossible because a lot of the features are broken.

So i’ll be struggling with that mess for a while.


New Start

Okay. Out with old, in with the new.

Let’s try this again.


I’m going to be fiddling and fussing for a while, so things will break or be wonky for a while.