here’s to trying


This year has been extremely hard on me, the first half being the worst of it; I’ve developed new anxieties, in general and about drawing.
After 6 months of being too depressed, too angry, and too anxious to draw I’m slowly trying again. I’m letting myself be vulnerable and I’m going to be gentle on myself.

So, small steps forward…

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  1. Flor says:

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling anxious, angry, and upset about stuff, even art, which is kinda meant to do the opposite for an artist. Hope you get over this hump, slowly but surely. I say just draw something dumb every day. Post it, don’t worry about likes/etc, and maybe ask another artist what they personally think of it, or how they woulf put a spin on it, or how they might redraw it. Like, make art a fun social thing again. Chill with your peeps! :] Just remember that you do all this for you, and you shouldn’t let anything you can’t control make you sad, mad or both. But if it does, accept it and make the decision to not let it hurt you–or at least not as much as it hurt you yesterday, or the day before, etc. GL Laur. Been a fan since the dA days and I’d hate to see a childhood hero give into this mad world like that.

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