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Blog renovations

It’s time to redo this place. The theme was outdated and broken and things are going wrong in the galleries, so it seems I have to overhaul it. I’d like to focus on the galleries more and less on the words I rarely say anyway.

So for now this place will be chaotic, but in the end it should be okay. Let’s see if the newer versions of wordpress and the like will be kind to me. I’m far more tech illiterate than I’d like to admit.


Might fuck around and attempt to do art again.

Chronic pain is what’s kept me from drawing these past.. nearly 3 years.
Gonna see if I can find a work around.
This year has been hell and it’s had me looking longingly at my tablet or my woodworking things, but the pain and/or malaise keeps me from creating.


I also need to justify the payments, lmao.

Tumblr purge

With Tumblr shooting itself in the foot with regards to adult content, now is a good time to dust off this blog and zhuzh it up a bit.
I haven’t been the most artistic in recent months (year? year and a half?) but I have been doing real media art as a way to get my creativity back. So I’m going to see if I can get this blog better organized for better viewing, searching, archiving, etc, when I get back into digital art. 

I made a Twitter (@laurangeblossom) and i’ll see how well that works out for posting sfw and nsfw work art to a wider audience. 

I don’t really rely on art as an income so this would be for me to keep a log of things I do and to connect with people. 
I would love to throw myself back into art and the community as a whole and make friends and feel artistic juices flowing!

This little place will get renovated and added to in the future. 

press F to pay respects


Almost six months is a long time to not draw anything (again), so I’m trying to fix that (…again).
I’m trying to reclaim my motivation for things that at one point, brought me a lot of happiness.

Art is still important to me, even if I take long hiatuses.
So hoping this upswing lasts a while… I plan to draw and update my galleries as much as I can.

here’s to trying


This year has been extremely hard on me, the first half being the worst of it; I’ve developed new anxieties, in general and about drawing.
After 6 months of being too depressed, too angry, and too anxious to draw I’m slowly trying again. I’m letting myself be vulnerable and I’m going to be gentle on myself.

So, small steps forward…


My computer is broken and I’m unable to repair it or purchase another one, so art has come mostly to a halt.
I plan on using pen and paper, if I can shake my apprehensions and insecurities about that.

For the time being, I’ll continue to look for more old art to upload to the galleries.